Kiran A
When we thought of applying for Australian PR, we went through quite some google reviews and we in fact had contacted another agent through email, but we did not get a prompt response from them. We later contacted SK Migration and the association has been smooth since then. We started our process in January 2017 and there was not even a single glitch or confusion throughout the process.

Mohit was our consultant. He is very professional, dedicated, friendly and very clear with the immigration process.

We got our PR in September 2017 and we highly recommend Mohit/SK Migration for Australian Immigration.
Narayana B M
I started my PR process with some agent, However the agent was inexperienced and had lack of knowledge. They were just asking me to do all unnecessary documentation and wasted my points from my age factor. Due to that I lost my hopes in getting PR. Later, one of my friend referred Mohith. In some stage, while getting some of the documents from previous employer, I never thought i would procure from them. However, Mohith pushed me and helped me to get those documents. Also, while writing PTE, he gave a good moral support and motivated me to get required points. Overall i would say, he does his work neat and he is a perfect professional.
Sudhir M
I contacted SK Migration to obtain an Australian PR. I was lucky to get Mohit (who takes care of operations from Bangalore) as my consultant. Mohit is meticulous and dedicated. Due to his extensive experience in the visa process, he was able to guide me successfully through every single step and hurdle. He is extremely approachable and ever ready to help. His wise advice ensured that my visa application and process went without a hitch. PR was granted in about 6 months from the time I submitted the application. I am grateful for all his help and highly recommend him to anyone looking for help in the visa process.

Mohit, thanks for all the help and guidance!
Aamer S
My experiences with a couple of very well known immigration agents ended with "Sorry, It cannot be done". My case was indeed a tricky one but from what I had read on the DIBP website and forums, it wasn't impossible.

I chanced upon SK Migration through internet search. Spoke with Mohit and things got underway. I have a successful grant within 7 months of initiating the procedure. And believe me, I haven't met Mohit in person till date. He is extremely straight forward - no nonsense - kind of person. He will lay out all legally allowed options before you and inform you about the risks involved too. So you are never in the dark.

I would say, one can never get any better than Mohit and team SK Migration for immigration consultancy to Australia.

@Mohit: Thank you for all the guidance which made this dream possible for our family. Cheers!
SK (Mohit) was my second consultant for the Australian PR processing. I really had a hard time with the first one, where I lost my money and most importantly time too. Though my friend referred Mohit’s service, I personally visited the office as I had a bad experience with my last consultant. He is a really nice person. He was always available for any clarification and he knows exactly when to proceed with what details at each of the stages of our application.
My plan was to go for visa 190 as I wasn’t confident about 189, but Mohit gave me confidence that I may get it. Finally I received my invite within 1 month. Even during visa lodge stage, he delayed the visa till all the files were front loaded, which helped me to get a direct grant. I would strongly recommend SK Migration to anyone who is looking for the Visa process.
G Roy
I would recommend Mr. Mohit from SK Migration to anyone who is interested in skilled migration for Australia without any hesitation.

While in the US, I started gathering information about Australian Permanent Residency in 2015. After talking to few consultants, I realized they were more interested in pocketing the hard-earned money of potential customers rather than showing any in-depth knowledge about Australian migration. Mohit was the 3rd consultant with whom I spoke and found genuinely knowledgeable about the immigration process.

During the end-to-end process which lasted almost 11 months, there was never a delay from his end and he was always very proactive to review all documents and submit the applications on time. I would also highly appreciate his calmness and kind behavior throughout the process wherein he explained all minute details and clarified every single doubts from my side. Although we worked out of different time-zones (EST and IST), he was always reachable at his personal number to sort out any doubts or issues within no time.

I have never personally met him, but always felt very comfortable dealing with him over phone and through emails. Thanks to him, I have finally been granted PR visa (type 189) along with my family.

I would like to give him a 5-star from my side for the wonderful experience that I have had with him and would recommend him to any of my friends and colleagues who are interested for an Australian PR.

Mohit- Thanks for everything man...!
Sudhakar Augusteen
I reached SK consultants @ Bangalore after searching the web. I had done a lot of work on my own. However, I need help with the final part of processing through the right nomination.
There is a lot written about Mohit already. He is a self motivated person, does not need any reminders. He is serious about his job!. And yes, he is knowledgeable - he knows his job!. Unlike many who are after your money, he does not even talk about it until the deliverables are met.
"Thank You" Mohit.
Vineet P
I got to know about SK Migration from one of my sister friend, who had received the Australian PR grant few months back for their entire family. She gave me positive feedback about the consultancy also said that getting PR for one of the family member was very hard then also Mohit made it possible.After that I decided to start my visa process with SK Migration (Mr.Mohit).

I met him personally and found Mohit cool person and one who knows Australian PR process in depth.Initially I had doubt in who should be a Primary and Dependent PR holder ,he explained points table in detail and guided me accordingly.In every step of VISA process he guided us well and made the process easy and without much headache.

I would like to thank Mr.Mohit who is exceptionally brilliant in his approach and customer service. A pleasant guy and well aware of the Australian immigration process. He never hesitated nor ignored the queries that I had about the immigration process and worked with me till till late night for documentation process and continued till I receive my grant.

I would highly recommend SK Migration for anyone who is interested in Australia Immigration.
SK was the third consultancy whom I approached to get my queries sorted wrt the PR process for Australia.
In my case, I didn't have one of the finance related document with me because of which I was hesitant to start off.
The other consultancy companies sounded like they were more interested in getting the money (some even said that their regular price was X but they can offer % discount if I sign up with them in the next 2 days) than explaining what the next steps would be, with whom I will be working Or how my case can be handled.
I was just a file number for them.
Experience with Mohit was very different. Calm headed, always approachable and most importantly he exactly knew what works and what doesn't.
He explained the process and also told what the next steps would be, the value add that SK Consultancy would bring in each of those steps and alternate documents which could be used to handle my case.
After enrolling, Mohit was very proactive in following up where I was wrt getting all the documents needed to start off the process. Offered lots of advice in how certain documents should be.
Once I had all the documents, the rest of the process was a cake walk.
With in no time I had my PR.
Mohit, thanks a lot for your help. Without your guidance this wouldn't have been possible.
Sankalp Dhimole
When I started giving thought about migrating to Australia, a friend of mine suggested me to connect with Mohit. Although I had an enquiry with few more consultants in Hyderabad but when connected with Mohit, he gave me a kind of confidence and explained each and every hobs of the process flow in Layman term which was very much needed for me to identify where actually I stand out and what should be the probability to get this process through.
Mohit was such a kind gentleman and was always approachable, there were few incidence where he had to work late night to fill-in my details and organize all the required documents.
You give him a call anytime, and if in case he could not pick your call, definitely expect a callback from him within next min.
There was a circumstances changed at my end, and had to push the process and at the same time inform the Visa officer. Mohit handled the situation so promptly and smoothly without giving me a sense of stress.
After almost an year of long process, I finally got my PR done. All thanks to Mohit.
Friends, if you are looking out for PR process than Mohit is the Guy you can blindly trust on. For me, SK Migration is nothing but a Synonym of Mohit.
Thanks Mohit for all your help and support.

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