SK was my second consultant, the first one ripped us of our precious time and money and after paying a lot of money they were actually doing nothing.

Then as second option we met Mohit from Sk consultants, we did explain him about our situation and the point with him is that he is straight forward and he will explore options for you to apply your visa.
And Second thing they are registered MARA Agents, I couldn't find any other Agency in Bangalore who registered as MARA agents.

We were very upfront with him since we already lost some money with previous agency, he was prompt enough saying he will start the process and then we can pay the money once the Job is done.

He is approachable at any point of time, in case if you need to meet just call him and let him know.

We got our Visa within 8 months from the day we started our process with Mohit

I would highly recommend SK Migration for anyone who is interested in Australia Immigration, trust me its not a easy job and don't get fooled and cheated by other agencies who have fancy offices and staff.
Initially, I did some research on internet regarding the immigration consultants for Australia PR and finally decided to go with SK Migration. I was interacting throughout the PR process with Mohit who is the point of Contact for SK consultants in Bangalore. The experience I had interacting with him has been exceptional. The professionalism and the commitment Mohit has shown towards getting the PR was remarkable.

I would any day recommend Sk consultants to you if you are looking out for an Australian PR.
I would say Mohit is a very professional person. I have met him only once, unlike many other agencies which make you pay first and force people to run behind them for updates.
SK Migration complete the task on hand first and then lets us know it is done. It is very hard to find people like Mohit and Ketan. No matter what query we would have, he would always reply promptly with clear confident instructions and always be patient and helpful. He is incredibly honest, sincere, reliable and hard working. Especially with consultants, I had never expected service first and payment later.
I will definitely recommend Mohit and SK consultants for anyone who is looking Australian PR VISA !!!
I was very lucky to have contacted Mohit before I started with the process of PR visa. Mohit was always helpful, and was available all the time for any queries. He took a keen initiative in the process and was very proactive during all stages, which enabled me to get the PR sooner than I anticipated. The best thing I felt was that Mohit is not very money minded. He only sends a remainder for payment when the process as per the contract has been done.
To sum it up, I never felt that I have been involved with a stranger during the entire process. I have never even met Mohit till date, and I am already in Australia on a PR.
Keval Keshav Tiwari
SK Migration are one of the very few MARA certified consultants in Bangalore. They are professional in their approach and I am happy with their services. I got my visa quite fast and i highly recommend SK Migration to my friends and colleagues. The guy Mohit is good at his work and is always to the point in his approach and speech.
Abhishek Anand
Hi All

SK Migration was my second consultant for Australian PR Visa. The first one ripped me off by roughly couple of lacs and still could not get me anywhere.

The first thing you will notice with Mohit and SK Consultant is that they will be upfront with you regarding the possibilities you may have for getting the Visa. The second thing that you will notice is the ease of accessibility to your consultant. As against the earlier one where I had to dial a board line, with SK Migration it was the cell phone number of consultant itself making him reachable 24X7. Even Saturdays and Sundays were no constraint with Mohit- My consultant. Even late night 11 PM/12 PM was fine with him. Rather than me calling him he used to call me and give me updates and solution on my application regardless of Saturday/ Sunday & Public Holidays. I got his personal attention at all times.

Regarding the process of Australian Visa, I must tell you that its one of the toughest in the world. You need a person who can guide you with the same at all times. In this I must tell you that I owe this visa to Mohit. Had he been not guiding me I would have not gotten this visa. The nitty-gritty in the process requires your consultant to be dynamic and well versed with the process which keeps changing on fortnightly/monthly basis. In this I must tell you that Mohit kept on finding solution for me where at times we thought it would be impossible for me to get the visa. He was consistent in his approach. He ensured that I did proper training and scored well for IELTS/PTE Academic thereby increasing the much needed points for me to compete amongst other applicants. I must say that I got proper mentoring from Mohit at all times.

I think if I had started my Visa Application with SK Migration I would have got my Visa much earlier. They are thoroughly professional in their approach at all the times. My case rather involved much hard work as my code was Financial Market Dealer which is tough to crack but Mohit made it possible for me.

Thanks Mohit
கடந்த 2014 ஆண்டு திரு.மோகித் ஏற்கனவே எங்களுக்கு ஆசுதிரேலியாவிற்கான நிரந்தர தங்கு உரிமை விசா (PR Visa - பிரிவு 190) பெற்றுத் தர உறுதுணையாய் இருந்தார். அந்த அனுபவத்தின் அடிப்படையில் எனது மகளுக்கும் PR visa ( 101 பிரிவு) பெற ( மகள் இந்தியாவில் பிறந்த காரணத்தினால் ) திரு.மோகித் அவர்களின் உதவியை நாடினோம் . அவர் வழங்கிய ஆலோசனை யின் பேரில்
தேவையான ஆவணங்கள் அனைத்தையும் மிகச் சரியாக  இணைத்து  விண்ணப்பித்தோம். ஒரு  வாரம் முன்பு PR visa வழங்கப்பட்டது.

இதில் முக்கியமான விடயம் என்னவென்றால் Visa விண்ணப்பிப்பது தொடர்பாக அவரை
ஓரிரண்டு முறையே நேரில் சந்தித்து இருந்தேன். நான் வெளிநாட்டில் பணியாற்றிக் கொண்டிருந்த படியால் அணைத்து ஆலோசணைகளையும் தொலைத் தொடர்பினூடே பெற்றுக் கொண்டேன். எவ்வித தடங்கலுமின்றி அவரது செயல்பாடு இருந்தது.

ஆசுதிரேலியா விசா தொடர்பான குடியேறல் ஆலோசணைகளுக்கு திரு. மோகித் அவர்களை மிகவும் பரிந்துரை செய்கிறேன்.

ஶ்ரீராம் பாண்டுரங்கன்

In the year 2014 Mohit helped us in getting Australian PR visa (190 Subclass). Based on that experience, I sought Mohit’s assistance again in getting a PR visa (Child visa 101) for my daughter (because my daughter was born in India).  We gathered all the documents as per his advice and applied for the visa. The visa got granted a week before. The important thing is I had met him personally couple of times only and I was working abroad during the whole application process. There were no hassles in communication. I strongly recommend Mohit regarding any Immigration consultation for Australia.

Sriram Pandurangan
Suju Suresh
One of the best experience ever!
It was a dream come true.
Mohit is very precise and to the point.
Special thanks to him for supporting us through out the journey for getting the grant.
The turn around time is quick and no false promises.
Thanks a lot!
Prashant & Pratiksha
I got to know about SK Migration from one my colleagues, who had received the Australian PR grant few months back. She gave me positive feedback about the consultancy and I decided to start my visa process with SK Migration (Mr.Mohit).

Had a pleasant experience with SK Migration and I would like to thank Mr.Mohit who is exceptionally brilliant in his approach and customer service. I find him to be cool, pleasant guy and well aware of the Australian immigration process. He never hesitated nor ignored the queries that I had about the immigration process and worked with me till I receive my grant. As someone rightly said that \\\"NO GREED FOR MONEY”. I would highly recommend SK Migration for anyone who is interested in Australia Immigration.

Thanks Mohit for the excellent service. Highly recommend this agency.
Thank you Mohit for helping us to get the Australian PR in less than 8 months. A very committed and honest guy who is available anytime no matter what query we would have, he would always reply back promptly with clear confident instructions and always be patient and helpful.

SK consultant is highly recommended for anyone who is looking for Australian Visas.
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