Richele, Veni & Noble
Got the visa granted in 8 months. Mohit made the whole process seem so easy. He is very understanding and really comfortable to deal with. I have dealt with other consultants where the experience was far from pleasant.
He is trustworthy and amiable. One important thing to note is - \\\"NO GREED FOR MONEY\\\".
We would wholeheartedly recommend Mohit and SK Migration to anyone who is seeking PR for Australia.
Peace of Mind Guaranteed!!!
Its been a great pleasure working with Mohit from day 1. Even though we were little doubtful during initial process later on we became confident by looking at the way Mohit dealt things. We got our PR visa(189) within 10 months, even in this duration delay was from our side.

Mohit is really a cool, pleasant guy and deals any type of situation calmly which made our life easy. He has vast knowledge and exposure in the migration process.

Would strongly recommend Mohit (and Sk consultants) if anyone is looking to migrate to Aus. Thanks Mohit for your support!!
Sowmya & Vinod
We had applied for Australia PR via SK Migration (Mohit was our contact person). From initial documentation days to final VISA delivery days, Mohit was very professional, supportive and helpful. In fact, at times he even pushed us to get a few things done when we were stuck with work. He was very happy to answer all the queries we had even after we had got the VISA. Overall we had a terrific experience with SK Migration and Mohit. We would recommend SK Migration to anyone looking for Australia PR and give them a 5 star recommendation 🙂
Hi everyone,

I have had the experience of attempting for immigration earlier and the experience was a long drawn process with still no outcome. I had very little hope when I took up the Australian immigration.

Though Mohit sounded positive and realistic, I was not very sure about how things would turn up. But lo and behold, for once in my life, the process went relatively pain free.

Though I am in Bangalore, I have not met Mohit in person and have operated from the comfort of my house and the whole things has gone through rather smoothly and Mohit has handled everything without much of a fuss. he has followed up on many occasions and kept us going.

He has a great attitude, know-how and keeps things quite simple. I would be happy to recommend his ( and SK consultants) services to anyone who is considering immigration services to Australia.
Mr Mohit is very informative on Australian migration matters. He will have answer for all your issues and is quite professional in what he does. I recommend him who are searching for a good consultant just because the experience i had with him in getting our PR
Systematic and perfect.
The delay will always be from your side in getting things done and never from SK Migration. I believe if you want a person to perform the visa process; it would be none other than Mohit. He was to the point and his guidance was indeed accurate to make a well informed decision. I don't think SK Consultant has any competition in terms of its service. I already have recommended SK Migration to all who apply for Australia's PR process and would continue to do so as it is the best in its class.
I feel I am fortunate to come across a Visa consultant like SK Consultant.

Mohit has processed the visa for three of my family members(Sister, brother and myself) and we are very grateful to him for all the support and guidance he has provided with the Visa process.

As far the visa policy and rules are concerned, we can close our eyes and trust what SK Migration say.

Undoubtedly the best Visa Migration agent for Australia Visa.
Arijit Bhattacharya
S. K. Consultants have been an absolutely great with my Australian PR application. Mr. Mohit Sakhiya was handling my case. He was an absolute gentleman, always having ample time to have long discussions over phone whenever the need arose. He laid down small targets before me and himself did all the planning and applications on my behalf.

Frankly, after receiving the PR, I feel that I had done almost nothing except collect a few documents. It was so smooth, all due to Mohit's efforts.

Thank you very much Mohit.
Vinesh Kumar
Its been an absolute pleasure knowing and working with Mohit for getting my PR. Mr Mohit was available 24 * 7 to listen to all the queries and answering them. At each step his inputs were invaluable.

Thanks a lot Mohit and SK consultants to make the process look so easy and simple . I wish you all the very best in all your future endeavors.

Suhas Ramakrishnan

First off, I would say Mohit is a very professional guy. Unlike many other agencies which makes you pay first & force people to run behind them for updates, SK Migration complete the task on hand first & then lets us know as an FYI. This is very much commendable as these days there aren't many people like Mohit & Ketan.

Me & my family got the PR in exactly 6 months without even a single followup, just timely mails/calls letting me know the update & also for any pending information. Frankly, we never expected this type of "Service First, Money later" concept & its truly remarkable.

Will definitely recommend SK consultants & Mohit for anyone who is looking Australian for PR VISA !!!

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